Underrated Tracks by Legendary Bands [Part One]

Iron Maiden: Como Estais Amigos

Most popular track: The Trooper
The Ratio: 106.07

Oasis: Underneath The Sky

Most popular track: Wonderwall
The Ratio: 318.06

Aerosmith: Out Go The Lights

Most popular track: Crazy
The Ratio: 6,450.00 (!)

Pink Floyd: Arnold Layne

Most popular track: Another Brick In The Wall
The Ratio: 1,346.03

The Beatles: Your Mother Should Know

Most popular track: Don’t Let Me Down
The Ratio: 148.38

Pearl Jam: Nothing As It Seems

Most popular track: Black
The Ratio: 107.45

Porcupine Tree: The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase 2)

Most popular track: Trains
The Ratio: 106.43

And here’s a random pic of Warren Mendonsa playing a guitar, which I’m putting here just so there’s a “share image” on social media.



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Deepak “Chuck” Gopalakrishnan

Deepak “Chuck” Gopalakrishnan


Content handyman. Mumbai. Rock+metal fiend. Cold water aficionado. The Origin Of Things, Simblified, Getting Meta, Things of Internet & a few other experiments.