The therapy that is Blackstratblues

The things I used to do in my reckless youth, I tell you.
Shot with a Canon P&S, this is still one of my favourite Warren pics.
Rajeev Talwar, Zero’s vocalist and Warren
The interview doesn’t exist but this pic does. Yes, that’s me on the right, and my fellow Mithibai gig-attendee and mad Zero fan Varad on the left.
2010: At Hard Rock Cafe, where he played with a starcast of vocalists
2011: Playing with Zero for a “Live Recording” which never saw the light of day, in true Zero fashion.
2013: A rare moment where two of India’s best guitarists — Warren and Baiju (ex-Motherjane) played at the same time
2015: It was around this time that ‘Blackstratblues’ was quickly moving from being one man’s project to a fully-fledged band — complete with some amazing musicians (Jai Row Kavi — seen here; Adi Mistry and Beven Fonseca) complementing Warren’s genius on the guitar. This was a rare acoustic gig they did.
2016: While BSB were taking off and building an audience for themselves, Zero would do one-off gigs (Rajiv doesn’t stay in India) for which the old faithful would come and embarrass themselves — 35-year-olds were not built for moshing.
2017: This is my favourite ever pic of Warren, from my favourite ever gig of Blackstratblues. It was following an interview he did with Maed in India. It was a extraordinarily good gig — everyone had grins, nobody was checking phones, and I loved this moment during the last song, when changing his last patch, the normally zen-faced Warren let out a giant grin, showing us that he was enjoying the whole damn thing too.
2019: Blackstratblues @ the new antiSocial in Lower Parel
  • Christmas in July (incredible instrumental)
  • PSP12" (Zero’s most famous song and a moshpit-inducer at the indie old-age home)
  • Cry (in my opinion, Warren’s finest ever solo, and in my top 5 solos of all time, ever.)
  • Spitleaf (another, lighter instrumental, closest to BSB you’re used to)
  • Found (a sweeeeeet solo from Zero’s first album, great example of their excellent catchy songwriting)



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Deepak “Chuck” Gopalakrishnan

Deepak “Chuck” Gopalakrishnan


Content handyman. Mumbai. Rock+metal fiend. Cold water aficionado. The Origin Of Things, Simblified, Getting Meta, Things of Internet & a few other experiments.