Podcasts & newsletters I recommend (Updated: Feb 2022)

  1. This is what I consume and hardly a “best-of”, and it might not work for everyone — I encourage everyone to find their own media mix.
  2. This is an evolving list.


Search for these on any podcast app (Spotify, the native Apple / Google ones, or Pocketcasts if you’re serious about podcast listening).

Newsletters, News & Publications

Most of the below are free, will mention which are paid.
🇮🇳 indicates Indian.

  • Things of Internet: I started this newsletter in June 2020, where I share one cool digital thing every week (something a brand did, a cool campaign, a new feature… Something). I charge ₹300 a year for it, which I think is decent value. Lifetime is ₹2000 (plus GST).
  • Sign up for updates: I actually do a whole bunch of things (or, well, try to) that range from marketing to music. My Linktree usually has everything I’m up to, and if you’re interested, sign up there and I’ll mail you what I’m upto once a month.



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Deepak “Chuck” Gopalakrishnan

Deepak “Chuck” Gopalakrishnan


Content handyman. Mumbai. Rock+metal fiend. Cold water aficionado. The Origin Of Things, Simblified, Getting Meta, Things of Internet & a few other experiments.